Coming back from AFRICA in 1957 he bought 40 000 M2 40 ha of lands in ANGLET the name was LOTISSEMENT DE CHIBERTA

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LEON DONIER CAREER RECONSTITUTION 1957 Acquisition of a portion of the estate estate in CHIBERTA: 40 ha 1965 Acquisition of the Domaine de MATIGNON at BOUCAU for 35,387 m2 for completion of the subdivision: 30 lots in 1969 remains a plot of 17,367 m2 1962-1963 Residence EUROPE in BIARRITZ: - Renovation of the Building - Old Grand Hotel BIARRITZ (Av. de Verdun and Av. du Helder) - Creation of Shops on the ground floor 1963 Acquisition of the former CAMP DE LA MARINE in MIMIZAN to create: - the Residences of the FOREST: 140. Appts. + Commercial groundfloor - Lotissement CAMP'ARGENT: 109 Lots - CAMPING MARINA: 6 ha Manager Léon DONIER 1964 Purchase SCI CENTER VILLE LIMOGES to realize: - THE ROYAL LIMOGES HOTEL 78 Rooms - 1000 m2 Shops on the ground floor "Republic CARNOT >> - The City of LIMOGES has sold by auction this land. Construction by the SCI ROYAL LIMOGES of a 3-star hotel with 90 rooms - Manager Léon DONIER 1964 - BERNAIN residence in ANGLET: (Associated 50% with DESCLAUD) -90 Apartments - Commercial Ground Floor 1965 - Residence MOUSSEMPES in BIARRITZ (Partner 50% with DESCLAUD) 1966 - Acquisition of 39 ha in CAZAUX to create a Leisure Center and a Village of Holidays (Separation order for 83 lots obtained in March 1992) 1968 - Promotion Stores and Apartments Residence TOLEDO - Place Clémenceau and Rue de la Poste in BIARRITZ (Apartments sold to date) - CENTER residence in ANGLET - 36 Apartments

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